The Rimrocker Trail has garnered national attention for its gorgeous scenic views and for the simple fact the trail travels 160 miles, connecting Montrose to Moab.

Off-highway vehicles, however, can’t legally do the entire trek.

As it is now, there is a 1.4 mile stretch of the trail that travels onto a state highway. That could change as soon as September, according to Deputy County Manager Jon Waschbusch.

Montrose County calls it the “Missing Link” project. Last year, the county received a $194,657 grant from Colorado Parks and Wildlife to make the project possible. The trail is mostly dirt and rocks, but along the Dolores River Canyon, the trail hops over to Colorado 141. The project will create frontage along the highway.

“That was one of the biggest awards in the state in terms of volume of funding,” Waschbusch said. “I think it shows the support the project has.”

As of last weekend, Rimrocker Trail still had too much snow to be accessible to motorists and mountain bikers.

Two people attempted the trail in Jeep Wrangler with 35-inch tires on April 10, but there was ice beneath the snow that held them back.

Waschbusch predicts it could be ready to navigate by Memorial Day weekend.

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