160 Miles of Dirt & Fun

Spanning a distance of 160 miles, the Rimrocker Trail provides 4WD, OHV and bicycle access through some of the West’s most stunning scenery. Visitors are immersed in natural beauty as the trail guides them through a landscape of redrock canyons, winding rivers, desert vistas and alpine forests. Whether you travel the whole route or just a portion, the experience will stay with you for a lifetime.

40 thoughts on “160 Miles of Dirt & Fun

  1. How would you grade the difficulty level of the RimRocker Trail for a lightly modified Jeep?

  2. Fantastic! Thanks for this info. Can’t wait to do that trail. Top of my list.

  3. Hello we are hoping to complete the RR trail this weekend, can we camp on the trail? Can you recommend places to camp while traveling the trail we are starting in Montrose, thanks.

  4. Roger – The trail is definitely doable in a Jeep!

    Todd- You can certainly camp on the trail, although we always recommend checking with local agencies (BLM, Forest Service in CO or UT, depending on where you want to camp).

  5. Would it be possible to flat tow a Jeep across this trail? If not is there a place I could park a truck for a week in Montrose?

  6. Hobbs – Probably not possible to flat tow a jeep across the trail. You might run into trouble. You could always check with Walmart to see if you could park your car there.

    Charles – The trail is absolutely doable in a pickup truck!

  7. Does the Rimrocker trail get snow is it possible to due it in late November/December. How long would the trail take on a two up motorcycle

  8. Hi Doug, Portions of the trail do get snow but it’s unusual to have so much snow that it is impassable. I would keep an eye on the weather in the next couple of weeks and then make a decision. Portions of the trail on the UT side are pretty rough and bumpy, and I’m not sure how fast you’d be traveling. Typically in a 4WD vehicle the trail takes a long day. It is 160 miles after all!

  9. Hello Admin. Your site doesn’t mention Mountain Bikes too much. How long would one expect to do this trail on mountain bikes. Thank you.

  10. Hi Diljeet, You could easily travel from Montrose to Buckeye Reservoir in the van, but you might run into difficulty from Buckeye to Moab side. We hope that helps!

  11. Think this is doable in a lifted awd forester?

  12. Hi Josh, It’s possible, but you may have some difficulty, just depending on trail conditions and how high your Forester is!

  13. what’s the best time to run the RR?


  14. Hi Brian! For this year, the summer of 2019, I’d encourage you to go later in the summer or even fall due to the epic amounts of snow we’ve had. The trail can get very hot during July and right now the trail cannot be done its entirety due to snow. Hope that helps!

  15. what is the minimum amount of ground clearance you would recommend doing this trail in? my lifted promaster van has a ground clearance of 9.5″ under the rear pumpkin

  16. is there any towns or gas stops anywhere along the ride or is it pack what you need to do the 160 miles?

  17. Hi Gary- There is a town and gas stop along the way. The Town of Nucla, CO, is about halfway through the trail. It has a fuel station, small grocery store, and other services. If you are in a highway legal vehicle, you can also take a detour to Naturita (only a few miles down the road) for a few more stores, fuel stations, and more. Thanks!

  18. In regard to actual clearance, it isn’t something we have measured. A standard Chevy 1500 Silverado has made it across the RR. We have heard rumors of 2WD vehicles in some places, but we encourage people to make good choices. Thanks!

  19. In regard to actual clearance, it isn’t something we have measured. A standard Chevy 1500 Silverado has made it across the RR. We have heard rumors of 2WD vehicles in some places, but we encourage people to make good choices. Thanks!

  20. When it rains how slimy and sticky does the clay get, does it then require a new dynamic e.g. torque, and big tires. Thank you in advance.


  21. Jerry- It’s not too bad, but it depends on the rain. On the eastern Colorado side of the trail, the soil is not like the red dirt of Utah. The west end portion of the trail (Nucla/Naturita), can get slick but no additional gear is required. Thanks!

  22. Is there a safe plave to leave a couple vehicles with trailers near trailhead if OHV SxS are taken on trail? Or someplace closer to town? We plan to start Montrose – Moab for a couple days- then back to Montrose.

  23. Hi Jed- It was great to talk to you. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thanks!

  24. What’s the average time it takes to complete this trail in a Jeep starting from the CO side? What would be your guesstimate for an ATV?

  25. Hi Rob – It is possible to complete the trail in one day in a jeep (8-10 hours), but it honestly depends on you. How much time do you have? Do you like to go slow, get out, enjoy the scenery, have a picnic? If you drive straight without too many breaks it is a long bumpy day. We hope that helps!

  26. I don’t think I’ve been more jacked to ride a trail than this one. We live in Ohio. Ride Hatfield McCoy Trails where we’ve rode about 200 miles in a day. Loooong day. We’ve rode Moab twice. To me, this is the melding of those two types of riding. So glad I stumbled across this on Instagram. Thanks for the speedy response.

  27. That’s so cool! Send us some photos of your adventure and we’ll pop some bumper stickers in the mail to you! Have an awesome time!

  28. We have a lightly modded 4WD 4Runner w/ quality 10-ply AT tires, recovery gear, etc. How would you rate the Rimrocker in “dirt road vs more serious (tire blow outs etc) rocky conditions”? 80% dirt road 20% more serious rocky terrain for example? Thanks!

  29. Hey Rob – what are the current conditions of the trail. Any snow cover at this point? Looking at forecasts for near by areas, it looks like it’s been pretty warm. Thinking of coming out next week.

  30. Hi Adam- We rate the trail 4 or a 5 in terms of difficulty. I would say the 80/20 to 70/30 is pretty accurate. The route from Montrose to Nucla is essentially an improved dirt road (unless you take the scenic route- Robideau Loop or Houser Cutoff–which are both awesome). The Rimrocker Trail gets more interesting in terms of terrain once you head west of Nucla. Please don’t hesitate to call 970-252-4505 or email pr@montrosecounty.net with any more questions. Thanks!

  31. Hi Connor- right now the Uncompahgre Plateau is not passable by anything other than a snowmobile. The higher elevations in the Montrose area are at approximately 110 percent of annual snow pack. Keep in mind that some of the higher elevations are approximately 10,500 ft. and the lower areas are in the 5,600 ft. range. As a point of reference, the trail wasn’t open until late June last year, but two years ago groups could run it in December–in our area it truly depends on the snow we have been receiving at high elevations. We’d be happy to chat Rimrocker to help you plan your trip–you may reach us at 970-252-4505 or pr@montrosecounty.net.

  32. Are there any groups that you can contact to possibly ride across together? Like a convoy?

  33. I plan on walking the trail. Is it feasible to do that in May? Or is that too early. I know last year had unusual snow conditions.

  34. Planning a trip to southern Utah and wanted to finish the tour via Rimrocker Trail Moab to Montrose. Finding mixed info on when trail is open. We’ll be coming from Montana so basically we’ll had our fill of snow for the year..

  35. Hi Joe – what a cool thing to do! We would love to hear more about your experience once you’re done. You can email us photos to pr@montrosecounty.net and we’d even love to do a guest blog post on our website so that others can benefit from your experience! As for the weather, I think it depends on how much snow we get this spring. Be sure to check back often both on our website and on our facebook page – as soon as we hear anything we will post it!

  36. Hi Joseph, It’s hard to say at this point what it will be like. When were you thinking of coming? Last year the trail didn’t open until June because we had so much snow. The year prior, the trail was open in December because it was so dry. Be sure to check back often both on our website and on our facebook page – as soon as we hear anything we will post it!

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