160 Miles of Dirt & Fun

Spanning a distance of 160 miles, the Rimrocker Trail provides 4WD, OHV and bicycle access through some of the West’s most stunning scenery. Visitors are immersed in natural beauty as the trail guides them through a landscape of redrock canyons, winding rivers, desert vistas and alpine forests. Whether you travel the whole route or just a portion, the experience will stay with you for a lifetime.

15 thoughts on “160 Miles of Dirt & Fun

  1. How would you grade the difficulty level of the RimRocker Trail for a lightly modified Jeep?

  2. Fantastic! Thanks for this info. Can’t wait to do that trail. Top of my list.

  3. Hello we are hoping to complete the RR trail this weekend, can we camp on the trail? Can you recommend places to camp while traveling the trail we are starting in Montrose, thanks.

  4. Roger – The trail is definitely doable in a Jeep!

    Todd- You can certainly camp on the trail, although we always recommend checking with local agencies (BLM, Forest Service in CO or UT, depending on where you want to camp).

  5. Would it be possible to flat tow a Jeep across this trail? If not is there a place I could park a truck for a week in Montrose?

  6. Hobbs – Probably not possible to flat tow a jeep across the trail. You might run into trouble. You could always check with Walmart to see if you could park your car there.

    Charles – The trail is absolutely doable in a pickup truck!

  7. Does the Rimrocker trail get snow is it possible to due it in late November/December. How long would the trail take on a two up motorcycle

  8. Hi Doug, Portions of the trail do get snow but it’s unusual to have so much snow that it is impassable. I would keep an eye on the weather in the next couple of weeks and then make a decision. Portions of the trail on the UT side are pretty rough and bumpy, and I’m not sure how fast you’d be traveling. Typically in a 4WD vehicle the trail takes a long day. It is 160 miles after all!

  9. Hello Admin. Your site doesn’t mention Mountain Bikes too much. How long would one expect to do this trail on mountain bikes. Thank you.

  10. Hi Diljeet, You could easily travel from Montrose to Buckeye Reservoir in the van, but you might run into difficulty from Buckeye to Moab side. We hope that helps!

  11. Think this is doable in a lifted awd forester?

  12. Hi Josh, It’s possible, but you may have some difficulty, just depending on trail conditions and how high your Forester is!

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