By Victor Rogers

In July, I soloed the trek in my FJ all the way from Virginia. It was intense and like no
other road trip i had ever taken.

During this time in my life, I am enduring quite a hard season. My family is separated. Travel is hard. My business is struggling at times. Sensing direction can be elusive. All around me I feel the weight of trials, hardship, pain. This trek on the Rimrocker was therefore symbolic for me.

Every obstacle in my way represented what we face in life. Challenges lie before us around every corner. A stream, rocky terrain, a steep incline. Nothing in this life is easy. The road less traveled is marked with dangers, pitfalls, tests. Will we make it? That is the question.

Perseverance ushers in character. That is what this trek represented for me. I must endure. I must go on. I have never been off-roading on this level before. Trust your instincts and God above. And never give up.

There were moments – many moments – where I wanted to bail. I found several bail-out points to head to 141. But each time, i said, NO. You can do this. Just keep moving forward no matter what it takes or how slow you have to go. Just keep moving forward!

I was alone and saw only two vehicles on Day 2. In the middle of nowhere I found courage, strength and peace. This would be a moment of overcoming not only obstacles but also some fears. The comforts of this world were far off. I turned off the AC on my FJ to prevent any over-heating. Sweating through some monumental road hazards inspired hope. I just kept thinking that if i can make it through this, I can make it through anything. Well, it was at least part of my motivation – and that was good.

Getting to Moab was one of the best feelings of elation that I have felt in a long time. I did it. I made it through and God provided the way and the protection. Moab now has a special place in my heart. It was my goal and it was attained. No shortcuts. Just pressing onward to the prize!

Today I have several scratches on my FJ from the last 10 miles or so through a narrow passage with branches and bushes on each side. I thought of getting them buffed out. But now those scratches are stripes of honor. They tell the story. My FJ endured it with me and earned those stripes – much like my Marine Corps stripes in days of old.

I will never forget the Rimrocker and plan to visit again sometime. Only next time, with a friend or, hopefully, my wife. I hope to take her on this journey of letting go and trusting without fear. That is what I found and that is what I hope others will find on the Rimrocker and in life.

SO THANK YOU AGAIN for the Rimrocker!!!! Life-changing!

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