Thank you to Phil Bredfeldt from Durango, CO who shared his journey on the Rimrocker Trail with us. Phil biked the full 160 miles earlier this spring. When asked if there was any information he’d like to share with other Rimrocker bikers, Phil mentioned water and says that access to water was his primary concern, and one of the reasons he went earlier this spring. Phil got water in the following places:
✔️Melted snow up on the plateau
✔️Various ponds
✔️City Park in Nucla
✔️The Dolores River
✔️The Buckeye Reservoir
✔️Near the town of La Sal from a creek
✔️There were a few other tributaries he crossed with some water going around the La Sal mountains, however in the summer time the water sources may not be as reliable.

Phil purified his water using of the $25 Sawyer mini-filters that they sell at Walmart; which worked great! 💦💦🚵‍♂️ Thanks for sharing your photos and water tips, Phil!

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